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House of MinaLima

A graphic design dream job – Design all the props for the Harry Potter world – This is House of MinaLima. Just around the corner of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, House of MinaLima is three floor exhibition in the heart of soho. I always remember from my childhood the chocolate frog scene from The Philosopher’s Stone and always admired the gold/blue pentagonal-shaped packaging. The design duo Miraphora (Mina) and Eduardo (Lima) crafted all graphic props from Packaging, The Daily Prophet newspapers, the Mauraders Map, potion labels to book covers and famously the enrolment letter. It’s a prop design/graphic design dream/HP fans dream! I didn’t take as many photos as I was in so much awe and drooling over gold foil prints.

House of MinaLima also feature their series of work ‘Collective Nouns’ is also beautiful and bursting full of colour.

The exhibition closes on the 4th February 2017. If anyone wants to buy me a that chocolate frog packaging print (with gold foil) I’ll really appreciate it.


London Premiere of Sasquatch

A few months ago I designed the original poster artwork for the Sasquatch movie – A indie comedy film made by fellow Ravensbourne students and on 16th July – We went to the premiere in Leicester Square – It was nice to dress up and catch up with old classmates. It was super cool to see my artwork on the big screen and response for the poster design was great! See the poster here.

(Black & White Photography by my pal  – George On a Boat Ltd)


Ravensbourne Degree Show (Alumni)

Roughly this time last year, I’ve just finished with Ravenbourne. This year a few of us scoped out the new kids on the block and it was definitely a weird experience to return (not being the one hunting for employers). I enjoyed the interactive designers this year – think it made it them stand out and draw them to your work. We had to (of course) take a classic Ravensbourne bathroom mirror selfie.







New Blog!



Thought I’d make this space to share my life, current design and other creative bits! To get started, here’s some photos I’ve recently gotten round to get developed from a trip to the Lake District a few months back.

35mm. Ulswater, Lake District